Nagarkot paragliding

We are delighted at launching Everest View Paragliding service in the Nagarkot at the naturally beautiful place of lapsiphedi. Surrounded by lovely hills and mountains and out of the crowded area of the city,  Paragliding from Nagarkot is an awe inspiring experience ranging from adrenaline pumping twists & turns to a truly relaxing experience floating above the stunning wilderness and scenery of the himalayas, forests, verdant valleys and mongolian villages.

Unforgettable flights amid the breathtaking mountain landscape are available from take off zone. Ascend wonderful thermals for unique cross-country flights.Breathtaking views and an adrenaline rush are guaranteed!


Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and to the wing. They are built for comfort and safety, and they feel like an armchair in flight. Once launched the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes in the epic scenery. Participants get to enjoy a safe and exhilarating flight with an experienced paragliding pilot. Sailing through the air, you fly past majestic peaks. As a passenger, you need no previous experience; you are given a few instructions and then a few steps later you lift off with your pilot. Getting an unusual bird's eye view of the unique Himalayan panorama is sure to make you forget everything else for a while!



Nagarkot commands one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley (8 Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of 13 from here). The ranges include Annapurna range,      Manaslu range, Ganesh himal range, Langtang range, Jugal range, Rolwaling range, Mahalangur range (Everest range) and Numbur range with views of the Kathmandu valley



After breakfast, We take a 30 min jeep ride from Nagarkot to Lapsiphedi 1905 M where we begin the unforgettable adventure. From here we can see some of the highest mountains in the world. Soar high up in the sky with the bird eye’s view looking at these stunning 6,000 m +, 7000m+, 8000m+ peaks. Feel the cool breeze while you fly in the tranquil surroundings. We have to allocate around 3 hours for this activity. We can fly four clients at one time for now.



Come fly with us and experience for yourself the freedom and exhilaration of paragliding! Our tandem pilots are some of the most experienced in the himalayas, and will show you a  unique experience among some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery !



Take off Site : Lapsifedi (1905m)

Landing Site: 1307 m, 5 Km from take off site

Operational Hours : Everyday we start from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Flight Type: We offer: a) Normal 20-30 minutes tandem flight b) 40-60 minutes Cross country                            
tandem flight

Best stuffs for Paragliding: Sports Shoes, long trousers, gloves, sunglasses, t-shirts & wind                        
proof jacket